Treguennec at the heart of Pays Bigouden


The Pays Bigouden area is located on the coast near the historic city of Quimper, in a landscape where the ocean is bordered by coutryside. The territory is treasured for the diversity of natural environments it offers.

Tréguennec (Tregeneg in Bretton) is one of the 12 communes of the Pays Bigouden Sud.

Stretching over 9.2 km2 of protected natural areas facing the Bay of Audierne.

The population fluctuates between 320 inhabitants in the winter to nearly 3000 in the summertime.

Summer holidaymakers enjoy an exceptional setting, renowned for its biodiversity of namely over 300 bird species. 

Ranked Natura 2000 since 2007, the coastal area is internationally recognized for the exceptional value of its wetlands. In September 2021, the site was granted the RAMSAR classification, thus recognizing its exceptional environmental value as well as the preservation efforts led by associations and authorities. 

Maintaining the delicate balance between preservation and development is at the heart of the local councilors’ concerns. Tréguennec’s town council initiated a motion of support to the Pays Bigouden’s biodiversity which was backed by most the area’s local councils. In the spring of 2022, this motion was unanimously voted by the Community Council of Pays Bigouden Sud (cf. biodiversity motion link)

maison pays du bigouden
plage pays du bigouden